Hiring a DJ

There are many resources available on line that will guide you through hiring a DJ but I would like to give you my perspective based on experience. You may just be starting your search for musical entertainment or maybe you’ve already visited other DJ sites or even talked to a few companies. No matter what phase of the research process you are in, I’m sure you discovered (or will discover) that DJ services – and prices – vary.  I will tell you that, based on my experience, an expensive DJ is not always good and a cheap DJ is not always bad.  It is really up to you to talk to the DJ, be very clear as to what your desires are and what you expect at the event.  Clear communications is key to a successful event.  If you’re talking to a larger company that use other DJ’s for events, you may want to ask which DJ will be performing at your event.  If possible, try to talk to that DJ.  Remember, you might talk to the owner but that does not mean he / she will actually perform at your event. 

Just make sure you feel comfortable with the DJ that will be performing at your event and that he / she has the proper experience.


Getting people to dance

Not matter how good the DJ, not every event will have the entire crowd on the dance floor all night long. I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to be misled by pictures and videos that have been posted.  Don’t be fooled by the pictures, all of us DJ’s only post the good ones!  For example, your event will be held during the day at a beautiful venue that overlooks the bay (such as Mayo Beach Club, Black Walnut Point, Kurtz Beach).  Your guests are most likely going to want to be outside enjoying the view than inside on a dance floor.  Yes, they will still enjoy the music, they may be tapping their feet, dancing at the table, but most likely they’ll be outside.  Day time events are also challenging since people… well, let’s be honest, they don’t normally drink as much since they still have things to do in the evening.


Should I hire a band?

A good band can provide excellent entertainment.  After all, there is nothing better than watching live entertainment as long as the music is suitable to the event.  There are a few drawbacks to a band compared to a DJ.  For one thing, a good band is often more expensive than a DJ.  Bands don’t normally have the same musical selection as a DJ and may not be able to shift musical gears if the crowd demand different music.  A band also takes breaks and you end up listening to pre-recorded music anyway.  Of course, you can always get the best of both worlds – hire a great band and a DJ to play during the band breaks.


Maybe I should just do it myself…

Maybe your budget is tight or you maybe have other reasons why you don’t want professional entertainment. After all, anyone can get a list of MP3 songs and pop them on an MP3 player.  That is true but it’s the equipment and the DJ experience that makes the difference.  Home grade stereos are not designed to play at loud volumes for an extended period of time.  They are also not designed to “throw” the music into the crowd.  Your home grade equipment could actually be permanently ruined if you try and use it for large parties.  A good DJ will also have the experienced to interact and play to the crowd throughout the event.  As long as a DJ has a good music library, experience and quality equipment, you can have music all day and night without any problems.