A DJ's equipment can mean a lot to a successful party.  You may not noticed a poor sound system at first, but after listening for 3 or 4 hours the bad sound will start to wear on your ears. Cheaper equipment, especially equipment that is not designed for a professional, use normally won't perform well and is not intended to "throw" the sound throughout venue.  A DJ's gear should also look good with a neat and tighty set-up area.
Jewell Entertainment uses the following equipment:

  •  Virtual DJ Pro software
  • HP Laptops
  • Denon mixing console
  • Mackie Mixer
  • Sure Microphones
  • BBE Sound Processing Equipment
  • Crown amplifiers
  • Yamaha Club Series C112V Loud Speakers
  • Yamaha Pro-Audio DXS 15 Sub-Woofers
We bring a back-up laptop, hard drive and amps just in case!