Adult, High School or Middle School, Jewell Entertainment can provide the musical entertainment.

Adult Dances

Unlike school dances, where musical content typically consists of all current music, Adult dances allow for flexibility of music reaching across different types and timeframes.  From oldies to pop, country to club, Jewell Entertainment can provide the music that pleases everyone at your event.


School Dances

Jewell Entertainment understands the responsibility of high school and middle school dances.  Music needs to be selected that makes the students happy while being respectful to school administration and school policies.  Jewell Entertainment plays a mix of pop, pop-dance (but not heavy EDM unless requested) a little country, hip/hop and rap that is currently being played on local radio stations as well as the showing in the music charts.  We won’t play any music that blatantly references violence, use of drugs or sex.  Of course, all music played is “radio edit” versions meaning no curse words.